Dahlia Planting Instructions

Dahlia Planting Instructions

You've received your tubers and you're ready to watch them grow and bloom beautiful flowers! Here are instructions:

Store tubers in a cool, dry location that will not freeze. You can keep them in the packaging that you've received them in.

Once your chances of frost have past or about two weeks prior if you're in a short season climate, you can plant your tubers in the ground. Tubers planted underground are protected by the soil and will not freeze even if there is a risk of frost. Any plant material above ground will freeze. If your dahlias have sprouted and there is a risk of frost, make sure to cover them.

Plant tubers in a sunny area. Plant at a depth of 4-6 inches below the soil level. Remember that a single tuber will grow a clump during the season, they need space to grow. Plants can be spaced 12 to 18" apart.

Cover with soil but do NOT water! Tubers have all of the energy they need to sprout. Once you see leaves above the soil you can start watering every few days if there is no rain in the forecast. Be sure not to over water as tubers can rot.

When plants are about 12" tall, pinch out the center stem. This will encourage the plant to branch out and grow more blooms!

Some dahlias grow up to 6' and need support. You can refer to the varieties you've purchased on our website to see what height your dahlias will reach. It's a good idea to place a stake in the ground when you are planting, this will prevent you from damaging the tuber later when it has started growing. 

For earlier blooms, you can plant your tubers in pots indoors and transplant them outdoors when there are no longer risks of frost.

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